How to Have a Neopets Celebration?

Answer Do you and your friends love Neopets? Then read this article for tips on how to have your own Neopets party!

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How to Have Fun when You're Under 13 on Neopets?

So you're under thirteen and have a Neopets account. Worst part is, your mom or dad won't fill out the consent letter. How on Earth will you have fun? Find out.

Where is a great resturant to have a 50th birthday celebration with friends,in bay area?

50 is a special milestone - congrats! I just celebrated my 50th too.You deserve to treat yourself for surviving half a century and marking the beginning of the second half of your life! And that ... Read More »

After the New Years celebration, anyone have a good remedy for the next day's hangover.?

I have a few for you. Lots of carbonated water (or tonic), lots of water, take your aspirin or excedrin migraines the day before. A friend of my dad used to line his stomach with a quarter-pound ... Read More »

"Gotcha Day" celebration?

Unless the kid specifically asked for this (and even then, just because a kid wants something doesn't mean it's best for him or her...) that is completely and utterly atrocious. Aside from my feel... Read More »