How to Have a Neat, Clean Cut Appearance?

Answer If you want to come across as a clean, hygienic, and neat person this is the article for you. This will also tell you how to become clean on the inside.

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How to Have a Smart, Neat Appearance?

Looking and feeling nice is very important during your teen years. Clean cut appearances can give teachers, parents, and employers a good impression about your personality.

How to Have a Clean Cut Appearance?

Creating a clean cut appearance can be done by following a few simple fashion style guidelines. Wear your hair in a traditional style and select clothes that are timeless and classic, such as khaki... Read More »

How to Stay Neat, Clean, and Organized (Teenagers)?

This article is going to teach you how to become, and then stay, neat, clean, and organized. It's a process that takes a lot of adapting to, but it is doable.

Survey: How clean and neat do you keep the inside of your car?

When I first got my car in highschool, I would clean it out weekly, wash it weekly. I never left anything in the car. That all changed when I went off to college. I never felt like taking anything ... Read More »