How to Have a Moving Day With Your Bestie?

Answer Is it your first time on your own? Well most individuals take the leap with a buddy because it makes the big change a lot more fun and comfortable and way less lonely!

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Can your dad stop you from moving in with your moms parents if he doesn't have custody?

No he cant he doesnt have any rights over you. if your mom has custody over you she can tho.

How to Give Your Bestie the Best Present?

Want your friend to have the present they will never forget?Then this is for you! you can come up with your own ideas and girls only!!!

Can you stop your 15-year-old from moving in with his father if you have joint custody and the father has a criminal record?

Answer My mom was able to get a restraining order on my father when i was 15 and i wasn't allowed to see him because he had a criminal record. i swear it's possible. however if u have jiont coustod... Read More »

If you own a car with your daughter in CA but she is getting married and moving to KS with it should it be insured there or stay on your policy?

Hi,I'm 18 and with Quinn insurance, this covers me to drive someone elses vehicle on a third party basis (I requested this over the phone so doubt if it is standard). However the premiums are very ... Read More »