How to Have a More Organised Life (Teens)?

Answer Sometimes life can get hectic, and when it does, being organised can make everything so much easier. Following these tips can help you on your way to a more organised lifestyle!

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How to Have a Healthy Sex Life (Teens)?

While you can have a good sex life as a teen, you don't need to have one at all. The choice is purely personal and should be between you and your partner. These steps may help you achieve a healthy... Read More »

Are popular teens more likely to have depression in and after high school?

Answer Yes popular teens are more likely to have depression in and after high school because they are constantly being followed by people. They also feel that they have to be a certain size especia... Read More »

How to Have a More Interesting Life As a Teenager?

A lot of teens get sick of their daily routine. Most teenagers have the exact same day. Get up, go to school, go home, do homework, go to bed, get up.... Here's how to live up your life.

If you have owned more than one make of car in your life.....?

My favorite is 1996 Honda Civic. Its my favorite because we just purchased it for our 16yo daughter...something my parents were never able to do for me.