How to Have a Midnight Party when Your Friend Is Ova for a Sleep?

Answer Having a party can be so much fun when it is sneeky and you now what to do for ages 9 to 14

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How to Sleep at a Sleepover when Your Best Friend Follows You Wherever You Move?

It might be pretty hard to sleep at your friend's sleepover if she follows you to where you sleep whenever you move to a different spot. It would be very annoying as well.

How to Have a Midnight Party (for Camp Counselors)?

If you're a counselor where the campers stay for an extended period, chances are you're not supposed to have candy. Hopefully you can bend the rules a bit. Here's a fun way to have a party to get y... Read More »

Is it normal to have pains in your legs when you sleep on your right side at 16 weeks pregnant?

Answer Yes. You may be compressing your sciatic nerve, and that is what causes leg/behind pain.

How to Have Fun when Your Best Friend Visits?

When your best friend visits sometimes you can't think of anything to do. This makes the visit seem like a waste. Don't waste this great time! Here is how you can avoid being bored.