How to Have a Loving Relationship?

Answer Author and Lovely WifeThis article will talk about having a loving relationship.

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Would it be bad to have a baby at 16 or 17 if you have a job go to a school with a daycare in it are in a serious relationship and can afford it because you and the baby's father have a job?

Personally I don't think it would be bad, but it would be very hard. Are you sure that you two will stick together?

What are some songs about liking/ loving someone that you could never have?

Have any adopted adult children ever discovered that, once your adoptive parents died, formerly loving?

Interesting question.My extended adoptive family, all except for one aunt and uncle (well, they were actually my adad's cousins but we always thought of them as more of aunt and uncle), never reall... Read More »

My brother adopted me now i have a question what relationship does his wife's parents have to me?

If this adoption is just recent, he is still your brother which makes his wife your sister-in-law which makes her parents nothing to you.However if you have grown up (since near birth) with your br... Read More »