How to Have a Long Passionate Kiss With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

Answer It happens to all of us you are with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you are kissing but you want to make it longer. Just follow these steps and you will be kissing with passion and for long periods ... Read More »

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How long do I have to wait to kiss after getting a cold sore?

On One Hand: Wait Until the Sore Is GoneCold sores develop from herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1). HSV-1 can be transmitted through saliva, so you should avoid kissing while you have a cold sore. In a... Read More »

How to Be Passionate?

We all have our own goal, our own target, that desire to reach further out, right? Is it about make-up, appearance, loving someone, your way of speech, reactions/actions etc.? Here is how to be pas... Read More »

What's your passionate topic?

Cry It Out- I feel so strongly about it. My 19m old daughter has NEVER been left to CIO. She sleeps in her own bed and goes to sleep without crying. Sure it was hard at first, but we got there.****... Read More »

How many veg*ns are passionate about food?

Passionate about food?When I went vegetarian over twenty years ago, meals were centered on the meat of the day. I saw nothing wrong with it, and even claimed I could have it no other way many times... Read More »