How to Have a Lightsaber Duel?

Answer Ever wanted to have a brilliant lightsaber duel? Now is your chance!

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How to Win a Lightsaber Duel on Jedi Academy?

When fighting the cultists in star wars Jedi academy(Jedi knight 3) it gets frustrating to defeat the cultists without taking much damage. Here is an effective method.

Do you have to have a duel disk like in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's to duel?

How to Make a Pen Lightsaber?

Here is how to turn an ordinary roseart or bic pen into a lightsaber. Or at least something that resembles a lightsaber.

How can I get the right color lightsaber?

Make it white. That is the padawan's color for a lightsaber. And the color of the first lightsabre every Jedi builds. May The Force Be With You, Young Potatohead!