How to Have a Lasting Relationship and Stay Married for Life?

Answer Treat your spouse like they are the king or queen of your castle and you'll get along fine for a long time.

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How to Build a Long Lasting Relationship?

A careful study of relationships today among youths shows that relationships hardly strives but crashes before leaving the ground. The most responsible factor here is that some basic culture, ethic... Read More »

How to Be in a Married Relationship?

Jordaens Portrait of a Young Married CoupleHow is love marriage different than arranged marriage? The person who was asking this was not married yet. All marriages should be filled with love, be th... Read More »

How to Get Used to a Dating Relationship when You Have Been Married?

Well, let's just put this simply. You were married (or may still be due to legal complications), and you would like to get back on the dating path. It is not easy.

How to Stay Chaste in a Relationship?

Staying chaste is easy, fun, and there are many ways you can achieve it easily! Here are 10 fun dates you can do without taking your clothes off!