How to Have a Laminating Party?

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Laminating Alternatives?

Lamination serves two purposes: it makes sheets of printed paper sturdier and it protects paper from spills and the elements of weather. Lamination can be cumbersome -- requiring a heat method or a... Read More »

Is it possible to laminate without a laminating machine?

You can use shelf paper to laminate most items without using a laminating machine. If you need something more clear, you can buy self-adhesive 8.5 by 11 inch sheets, which are available at most off... Read More »

Does laminating require special equipment?

Laminating is the process of sealing an item between sheets of plastic. Laminating does not require a machine. The process can be performed by hand using premade adhesive sheets called butterfly la... Read More »

I'm throwing a small party masquerade party/sleepover I have don't know what to wear for the masquerade party?

It's a good dress, would go well with a mask, but remember that most Victorian-era dresses were much longer. Even today, there are still masquerades in Italy. If it was a bit longer then it would b... Read More »