How to Have a Judgment Vacated in Nevada?

Answer In Nevada, a judgment is a final verdict of a Nevada civil court authorizing some type of enforcement action, usually for unpaid debts. As a judgment is essentially a court order, overturning a jud... Read More »

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How to File a Motion to Have a Judgment Vacated in Nevada Civil Court?

Civil lawsuits in Nevada must follow the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. Nevada's civil procedure rules, modeled after the federal rules of civil procedure, explain how to serve legal documents, h... Read More »

How to Have a Judgment Dismissed?

Generally, the vehicle used to dismiss, or reverse, a judgment is an appeal to a higher court or a motion made in the same court to reconsider its own judgment. And it's not easy to convince a cour... Read More »

Does a judgment have to be repaid?

Nationwide estimates place the dollar value of unsettled court judgments in the billions. There are numerous tactics that debtors use to avoid paying a court judgment. Among them are moving to an u... Read More »

What Can I Expect From a Judgment If I Have No Job?

A court judgment is the result of a creditor's lawsuit against a consumer who owes the company. One of the primary ways a judgment benefits creditors is by giving them the ability to garnish the de... Read More »