How to Have a Judgment Vacated in Nevada?

Answer In Nevada, a judgment is a final verdict of a Nevada civil court authorizing some type of enforcement action, usually for unpaid debts. As a judgment is essentially a court order, overturning a jud... Read More »

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How to File a Motion to Have a Judgment Vacated in Nevada Civil Court?

Civil lawsuits in Nevada must follow the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure. Nevada's civil procedure rules, modeled after the federal rules of civil procedure, explain how to serve legal documents, h... Read More »

What does a vacated conviction mean in Arizona?

In Arizona, many defendants who have been convicted of a criminal offense can petition the court to "set aside" the conviction. In Arizona, setting aside and vacating the conviction have the same m... Read More »

Has the US vacated the Shamsi Air Base in Pakistan?

Yes, the US vacated the Shamsi Air Base in Pakistan, in early December 2011.

What does the term vacated mean on legal forms?

If you have received a court document with the legal term "vacated" on it, this means the court has dismissed the legal action in question, according to the Education Center website.References:Educ... Read More »