How to Have a Homosexual Friend?

Answer Just found out that your friend is homosexual? Value your friendship too much to lose this friend due to High School stereotypes? This guide will teach you to keep your friend.

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How to Respond when a Homosexual Friend Comes out of the Closet?

Coming out as gay is a very difficult thing to do. You don't know how people are going to react to the news. It may also be tough on the people you are coming out to. First of all, you need to real... Read More »

Why I don't have my friend on my friend list on facebook But I'm still subscribed to her?

It can be both. But it's most likely she deleted you.

I have a friend (let's call him Schmecky) who seems to have developed late onset Tourettes Syndrome?

May I suggest a Paddling, it's a long time since I've been to the ol' R&S S&M dungeon (he he try saying that fast three times)...or have the monkeys locked it up for good?((eartha))

We have a friend who have a problem How can we help him?

UN supports people who are in need. There is a UN department/agency at Russia.I just found something at this URL: 9, Leontyevsky Lane, 125009, Moscow... Read More »