How to Have a Healthy Year?

Answer The new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on our life and what we have learned during the previous year. With the recession of 2009 still upon us, perhaps you’ve become more attuned to what... Read More »

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Is it healthy for a 12 year old to have a baby will the baby be healthy?

No, it is not healthy for a 12 year old to have a baby as she will have not stopped growing, however she won't die or anything like that. The baby can still be healthy but may be slightly on the sm... Read More »

Home Remedies to Have Healthy Long Hair in a Year?

When longing for longer locks, you may think that you'll need expensive styling products and good genes to get it there faster. However, growing long hair doe snot happen overnight. It'll take a ye... Read More »

Is it healthy for a 15-year-old girl to weigh 95 pounds and have a lot of muscle?

Answer If her weight is in proportion to her height and she is an athlete there is nothing abnormal about it.

What are the odds that a pregnant 14 year old would have a healthy baby?

Answer Actually, quite good. 14 year olds are having babies all over the world, and have been having them for thousands of years. There are some difficulties that are more common at a young age(l... Read More »