How to Have a Healthy Diet As a Teenager?

Answer When your a teenager, your body is constantly changing. Its going from skinny to curvy, from short to tall. But the number one thing to think about when your a teenager is your diet. In this articl... Read More »

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How to Have a Healthy Nutritional Balanced Diet?

With all the different types of information available out there it is difficult to decipher which are telling the truth and which are just myths. Here are some tips to help you.-

I have insulin resistance and Im on a lowcarb diet, is thay healthy?

If you're consuming 1-3 servings of grains per day, you're not on a low-carbohydrate diet. Carbohydrate restricted? Sure, maybe.Low-carbohydrate diets don't cause depression and they're perfectly h... Read More »

What all should I include in my diet so that I have good energy levels throughout the day and stay healthy ?

Breakfast :- a cup of Coffee or Assam tea or Cylon(Srilanka) Green tea(Polyphenols in it are good anti-oxidants)--Idli medium size 3 or 4 with onion chutney(No Total fat/no trans fat--NoCholeterol-... Read More »

How much nutrients from grams, carbohydrates, fats, do I need to have a healthy weight loss diet in a day?

That would depend on the total calories you need a day for a weight loss diet, and how much weight your body can afford to lose per week in a natural, healthy way.First work out how much calories y... Read More »