How to Have a Green Christmas?

Answer Christmas is a time of gifts, joy, and family togetherness. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of excess when thoughts for conserving money and resources seems to take a nosedive.Celebrating a gr... Read More »

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Why Do We Use Red & Green for Christmas Colors?

Red and green have come to represent the colors of Christmas. We tend to incorporate these colors in our holiday decorating, present wrapping and even clothes. Green and red cover our Christmas tab... Read More »

How did red& green become Christmas colors?

The colors green and red are synonymous with Christmas. Their association with the holiday dates back hundreds of years, with green and red symbolizing the birth and death of Jesus Christ.Significa... Read More »

What does the color green represent on Christmas?

Historians believe that Christmas green represents the renewal of life. It is thought to be derived from the Celtic-Germanic reverence for the spirit of evergreens that survived the cold winters, b... Read More »

How to Choose Green Gifts for Christmas?

Have you noticed how "silly" the Christmas season has become, and how we’re encouraged to spend on bigger and better gifts - usually at the last minute and without much thought. Exchanging gifts ... Read More »