How to Have a Great Phone Conversation?

Answer A phone conversation can be a lovely thing to do during the day, it can brighten up your or another persons day. The only thing stopping you from having a phone conversation!

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How to Have a Great Conversation?

The art of conversation takes practice, but is not as hard as you might think. With some patience and these steps, you can learn to relax and enjoy a great conversation.

How to Have a Great Conversation at a Party?

Do you ever want to talk to someone you want to get to know but don't know what to say? It can be awkward sometimes to think of things to say. Here are some suggestions.

How to Have a Fake Phone Conversation?

Have the iTouch app "Fake conversation" but don't know what to do with it? well then read this.

How to Have a Good Phone Conversation?

Sometimes you run into getting stuck in a moment of silence when on the phone here's what to do.