How to Have a Grand and Safe Day at School?

Answer Ever wanted to feel like you have to worry about nothing when it comes to school? Well, follow these steps and you will experience a grand day at school!

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If your child doesn't feel safe in her school does the school have to provide her with a safe alternative?

sit down with your child and ask why,how,and what happens. cuase it could be serios someone could telling your child bad things or making them do things so sit down and talk.

How to Be Safe, Be Yourself and Still Have Fun in High School?

High School is a hard time for almost every teen. Often kids get the mistaken impression that the only way to have fun in high school is to be popular and dramatic or to rebel against the system an... Read More »

Is it safe to drink grand pa headache powder when pregnant?

Grandpa is not safe to use in pregnancy due to caffeine and aspirin ingredients. Ask your doctor what to use.

Your safe during your patch free week but are you safe the new starting cycle are do you have to wait 7 days to have sex like when you first start the patch?

Answer As long as you've been using the patch regularly, you are safe. It's only the first time that your body needs time to get used to it.