How to Have a Good Argument?

Answer The "Are not" "Am too" "Are not" "Am too" is a type of argument that no one wants go get into. Here's how to state your views while being collected and reasonable.

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How to Write a Good Closing Argument?

The lack of a formula to fine writing remains a great challenge when crafting arguments. After mastery of grammar, punctuation and paragraph structure, essayists float on a broad, open sea. Creati... Read More »

How to Write a Good Argument About a Poem?

Writing a good argument about a poem is not about finding the one meaning behind the text. You can write a perfectly good argument and come up with a different meaning than the poet intended. But w... Read More »

I'm going to have vegetarian Argument?

1. The animals that eat other animals do so for survival. You and I are in a situation where we don't need to rely on meat. Plus, the whole torturous factory farming thing doesn't exactly occur whe... Read More »

How to Get What You Want and Have a Civil Argument?

When something seems unfair or wrong, it can be hard to keep civil. However, yelling and accusing people almost never fixes things. Here are some tips that will let you solve problems without causi... Read More »