How to Have a Fun Day (for Girls)?

Answer If you're a girl, and you want to have a fun day at the mall, or anywhere else, here are some tips for your day.

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Girls: Do you ever have a moment where you have no one to fan girl with?

i only have one other friend who is a Belieber and i get all my fan girling out when im with her. haha i hope you find someone :)

Teenage girls: if you could have anything in your room, what would you have?

The second answerer edited her answer from 'something to suck on'.* Nope, it was definitely you.

You have six children (3 girls and 3 boys) and you have to name them using these names?

Not following my rule of naming kids names that have v's in them all of this time.Ivy Amelia- That is my daughters name! I kind of have to put it down. Violet Jane- This name may be one of my twins... Read More »

Girls: Do you ever have that momment where you have no one to fangirl about something with?

Everyday. Hahah. This is my life now. But even though my friends don't like them I still fangirl whenever I see something. Well most of the time. Some "friends" make fun of me and its annoying. But... Read More »