How to Have a Fry Eating Contest?

Answer Its no secret that the typical "fry eating contest" requires endurance. motivation and the mother-of-all HUNGER.

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Can you win an eating contest?

How to Win a Pie Eating Contest?

A pie eating contest is a great way to have fun and get messy. In a pie eating contest you sit with your hands behind your back and eat with just your mouth.

How to Win a Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Hot dogs are as beloved to Americans as apple pie. So are the competitive eating contests that go along with them. The winner, however, can come from anywhere in the world. There are people who win... Read More »

How to Win an Eating Contest?

Competitive eating (also known as speed eating) is a popular pastime in the United States and Japan, where the prize money can make it a very worthwhile endeavor.[1] If you're keen to win an amateu... Read More »