How to Have a Fondue Party?

Answer A fondue party is the time for sharing fondues together. It is a really classy way to spend an evening with good friends in a warm room surrounded by good food and wine.

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How to Make Cheese Fondue (Fondue Neufchâteloise) recipe?

Love cheese? Why not dip your whole meal in it? Here's how to make a great cheese fondue.

Is it okay to fondue with the thin metal fondue pot?

It is OK to fondue with a thin metal pot. Thin fondue pots work best for oil-based dipping and to fry some foods. You also can melt thicker foods such as cheese or chocolate in a thin metal fondue ... Read More »

Have you spilled fondue on an object or in your clothes?

Often the rather foul smell people think is coming from the carpet is actually coming from the under-pad. Carpet itself -- regardless of what it is made of -- generally dries out pretty well, becau... Read More »

I'm throwing a small party masquerade party/sleepover I have don't know what to wear for the masquerade party?

It's a good dress, would go well with a mask, but remember that most Victorian-era dresses were much longer. Even today, there are still masquerades in Italy. If it was a bit longer then it would b... Read More »