How to Have a Face That Is Pleasant to Look At?

Answer So you want a cute face huh? With a little work you might just have it!

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Have u noticed that smoking causes bags under eyes and a "drawn look" then when you quit,ur face rejuvenates?

It's all in the genes! Certain factors may contribute to premature wrinkling, such as sun, environmental pollution, stress, thyroid problems and smoking, however all of these pollutants can be halt... Read More »

Why do people who look bad face to face look amazing in photos?

i think i look better in person, but i dont come that bad across in picture, it depends on the lighting in the picture and the quality and stuff as well.

How to Do Make Up That Makes Your Face Look Thinner?

When you feel as if your face is too heavy, your entire view of yourself suffers. Instead of losing all your confidence because you feel that your face is not thin enough, highlight your eyes and a... Read More »

Y&R Did you see that look on Victor and Sharon face when they hug?

Yeah! They both had that "what the h@ll are we thinking look". I had the same look on my face at home.