How to Have a Dry Land Workout for Teen Swimmers?

Answer You need to warm up before you go for swimming to avoid cramps and body pain.

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You really should try spreading the meals out over 4 or 5 times per day. When you only eat twice a day, your body stores the fat up to use for later instead of burning it immediately. Eat smaller m... Read More »

Is losing 7 kilos of fat and doing dry land workout everyday for 1 month will help me swim alot faster ?

yes of course,your getting stronger and more fit!

How to Buy Sunblock for Swimmers?

Swimmers need extra sunblock protection. The sun reflection off the water intensifies the swimmer's exposure to the sun's harmful rays. Waterproof sunblock is critical to prevent serious skin damag... Read More »

What Do Swimmers Use So Their Skin Won't Be So Dry?

The flexibility and elasticity of your skin is conserved by water in the deeper layers of the skin. Natural oils, or lipids, are produced by your outer skin --- the stratum corneum --- to prevent t... Read More »