How to Have a Daily Devotion Time With Your Kids?

Answer Raising a child who sincerely loves and serves God begins at home. Yet, parents often need help to teach God's Word to their kids. That's where the daily devotional comes in. A short, regular devot... Read More »

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How to Have a Secret Night Time Life on Your Laptop (for Kids)?

If you just got a laptop and you want to use it as much as possible but you don't want your mom to think you are obsessed with it, there is one thing that works almost all the time: use it at night... Read More »

How to Spend Free Quality Time With Your Kids?

Ideas that will create life time memories for your child with out spending a fortune. Small children don't need 400 dollars worth of toys to forget about, when boxes and imagination go so much fart... Read More »

Since my kids teeth are gonna fall out anyway, do I have to let them brush daily?

If you want your kids to find strangers on the internet to make out with (and really what kind of parent wouldn't?) then I'd recommend that you continue (or start) brushing them every day, two or t... Read More »

How to Have a Personal Christian Devotion?

Distinguish between religion, a things you have-to-do, and spirituality, a choice based on relationship. Daily devotions are important, as they help us spend time with our Creator that helps us bui... Read More »