How to Have a Covenant Marriage Ceremony?

Answer In a time when divorce runs rampant and the media report negative consequences children suffer due to their parents' divorces, some people may desire more than an empty marriage vow. Although a co... Read More »

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How to Prepare a Marriage Ceremony?

One of the most important elements of a wedding is the ceremony itself. You must find a location, an officiant and prepare vows. Before you start to think about the ceremony, decide an overall wedd... Read More »

When were wedding rings introduced to a marriage ceremony?

Wedding rings were first worn by the ancient Egyptians circa 3000 B.C. A husband would give his wife a band to show he trusted her to attend to him and their home. The Egyptians believed the circle... Read More »

Can a notary public perform a marriage ceremony in maryland?

Notaries are not licensed to perform marriage ceremonies in Maryland. According to Maryland state law, any clerk, deputy clerk, judge, or official of a religious body can perform a marriage ceremon... Read More »

Is Exodus Chapter 24 a new covenant or a renewed covenant?

In the Christian Bible, Chapter 24 of the Book of Exodus details the circumstances surrounding Moses receiving the Ten Commandments from God. The promise made between God and the Israelites is know... Read More »