How to Have a Clean Looking Desktop?

Answer A lot of computers have very messy desktops, and sometimes the situation escalates until you have trouble starting programs or finding files. This wikiHow article will get you on the fast track to ... Read More »

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How do you clean a desktop keyboard?

if you spill something on it you have three choices1) take the keayboard apart and clean it that way2) take a small screwdriver and carefully pop the keys off one at a timeor 3) buy a new keyboardi... Read More »

How to Clean a Desktop PC Motherboard?

A dusty heat sink.As your computer ages, dust will build up inside of it. The intake fans suck dust in and then it collects near the vents and on the motherboard.If not removed from time to time du... Read More »

How can you clean a desktop of all personal matter ?

First download CCLEANER this will clean any temp items from ur browsing history and other temp files. Then download Hard disk scrubber to erase anything that u have deleted in the past. In otherw... Read More »

How to Disable Desktop Clean Up Wizard?

The Automatic Desktop Cleanup Wizard is a Windows XP feature that keeps track of the usage of icons on your computer desktop. When you buy the operating system software, it is enabled by default. E... Read More »