How to Have a Clean Looking Desktop?

Answer A lot of computers have very messy desktops, and sometimes the situation escalates until you have trouble starting programs or finding files. This wikiHow article will get you on the fast track to ... Read More »

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I have a Dell desktop computer. Can I pop the keys off my keyboard & clean them ?

Yes you can, i do that all the time on my keyboard, but just remember which key goes back where unless u have a second keyboard for reference.

How to connect two computers one is Desktop other is Laptop Desktop dont have USB as is very old?

The cheapest way to connect two computers is the following is doing a Direct Cable Connection

My desktop icons and startup bar is gone ....idk how to get them back all i have is a desktop background?

Try the SIMPLE fix firstRIGHT click an area of the blank desktop, select ARANGE ICON BY, then make sure "SHOW DESKTOP ICONS" is ticked.

My dad is looking for a desktop around the $6-700 price range... Help?…Intel Q84004GB DDR2500GB HDDWindows 7 Professional (64 bit)…Phenom II X4 8206GB DDR3640GB HDDWindows 7 Home Prem... Read More »