How to Have a Chiseled Face?

Answer Some people are born with a chiseled face, of which defined cheekbones and a sculpted jawline are typical characteristics. Many people naturally associate this with being attractive, hence its broa... Read More »

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How does a "chiseled face" or "chiseled features" look like?

I picture it as really sharply defined, kind of squared off/straight lined features. In a good way. It's a good thing.

Chiseled Face Exercises?

Facial exercises can tone the skin and give you a more chiseled appearance. By performing some simple, basic face exercises, you can maintain a healthier and even younger look. Before exercising yo... Read More »

How to Build a Chiseled Physique Without Using Anabolic Steriods?

Technically speaking, its relativly easy to get nice, defined muscle without the use of steroids or other substances.It just takes dedication and time.

How many kids have come face to face with a bully?

AnswerYears ago as I am probably a lot older than you are, I came face to face with a bully, he was a big guy, not so tall, but fat as all heck. He knew he could do with us smaller guys what he wan... Read More »