How to Have a Child Baptized?

Answer Well to have a child baptized is a big thing. Now this is what I believe, so please don't judge or anything.

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Can a child get baptized without the fathers consent?

If you have full physical custody but joint legal custody can your ex have the child baptized without your permission?

Answer That depends on whether it is stated in your parenting agreement as to who has the right to make religious decisions. Is it addressed? Is decision making joint? If this issue is not addresse... Read More »

How to Get Baptized?

Christening or dedicating ones child as a baby to Christ and committing to raise him/her in church -- and asking for blessings on the baby and family -- is great, yet the child must seek Christ whe... Read More »

How to Get Baptized on Your Period?

Getting a fully-submerged baptismal while on your period can be an uncomfortable process, especially without the aid of tampons. Here are a few steps that you can take to make your baptism run a bi... Read More »