How to Have a Candy Free Halloween?

Answer Love Halloween but not the tummy ache from eating too many sweets? Or would you rather just not deal with Halloween candy altogether?

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In the spirit of Halloween what is your favorite Halloween Candy?

How to Get More Candy on Halloween?

Do you end up with only one bag full of candy at the end of Halloween? Here's how to end up with two or more!

Halloween Candy Crafts for a Kid?

After Halloween is over and trick-or-treating is through, you're left with a lot of Halloween candy that you're not sure what to do with. If you want to use the candy as more than just a basic food... Read More »

Why is there candy on Halloween?

Trick or Treating children have always been given a treat of some sort (in the late 1800's, they were given turnips of all things), but candy has grown in popularity due to it's love by children an... Read More »