How to Have a Buffy Fanclub?

Answer Do you have a bunch of friends who all LOVE Buffy? Well gather them up and start a Buffy fanclub!

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On Buffy the vampire slayer does Buffy ever get pregnant or have any kids?

NO WAY. she has a little sister named dawn. that's it. she did have "relations" wiith spike but nothing serious ;) Well, since the show still exists in comic form, nobody knows what her future will... Read More »

In Buffy the vampire slayer when does Buffy find out she's the choosen one?

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer begins in season one, Buffy is sixteen and has already accepted she is the Slayer, which caused her to be expelled from her school in LA and sent to Sunnydale (she bur... Read More »

What Buffy the vampire slayer episode did Buffy slept with spike?

The first time was in the episode "Smashed" season 6. Here is a summery of the episode: Willow, sad and lonely without Tara, figures out a way to turn the metamorphosed Amy from a rat back into hu... Read More »

In season 4 of Buffy the vampire slayer what episode does Buffy see angel in la?

We never see Buffy in La in the show Buffy, but we did see her there in the spin off Angel, twice in the episodes "I will remember you." and "Sanctuary."