How to Have a Block Walking Party for Your Candidates or Party (U.S.A.)?

Answer We can do it! Have a fun "hoot", a laugh and do a "Block Walking Party"...Have a fun "hoot", a laugh and do a "Block Walking Party", "T.E.A. Party" such as a party for [your] Party, ( grassroots PA... Read More »

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Block party planners! What are some tidbits you wish you had known before you planned your past block party?

Permits...I can't say enough about that....locally, there was a news story a few years back...big raid, paddy wagon, the whole 9 yards...why? City Hall didn't get their cut.(((India)))

Am I invited to your block party...even though I dont live on your block?

I'm throwing a small party masquerade party/sleepover I have don't know what to wear for the masquerade party?

It's a good dress, would go well with a mask, but remember that most Victorian-era dresses were much longer. Even today, there are still masquerades in Italy. If it was a bit longer then it would b... Read More »

How to Have Fun at a Block Party (for Teens)?

Block parties can be fun! You can meet up with your neighbors or even meet new people from down the street! Here are some tips on how you (as a teen) can enjoy yourself!