How to Have a Bizarre Mind?

Answer Have you ever wanted to be different? That is perfectly normal. Being the same is bland and boring, no one likes anything or anyone bland nor boring. People are different, every single person that ... Read More »

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What is the most bizarre food you have eaten?

Everyday, I eat someting new and bizarre from our cafeteria at work. Of course, it has the names of common foods, but any similarity in look and taste is purely coincidental.

How to Have a Healthy Mind?

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How to Have Peace of Mind?

Life is simple - it is we who complicate it. Humans are the main cause of their own miseries. Here are some ways to get rid of stress and have you own peace of mind. It can be done!

How to Have a Healthy Mind and Body?

A healthy mind is a healthy body. Take care of your stressful mind and of course that amazing body of yours. Staying healthy and fit is your number one priority!