How to Have a Baby Before Marriage?

Answer Having a baby is no walk in the park. In fact, it is extremely overwhelming. While having a child is joyful and jolly, it is also nerve-racking.Most woman who have babies, are married. This is a go... Read More »

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Having a baby before marriage?

I heartily agree! I AM married but filing for a divorce and had no kids with him. I am in a steady, long-term, AND committed relationship and have been ttc for 3 months consistently now and we had ... Read More »

Why was it bad to have a baby outside marriage?

In today society it is morally wrong to have a child when not married, however this doesn't make it wrong to have given birth it just isn't socially acceptable to have one. But to answer your quest... Read More »

Does it mean you have filed for marriage when your name appears in the public record for a marriage?

Individuals who seek to marry apply for a marriage license--a legal document authorizing the marriage. The couple completes a portion of the license before the ceremony, and the officiant signs and... Read More »

If a 17-year-old and 21-year-old who have a baby together get married in Georgia will the marriage be legal in the state of Tennessee?

Answer If the bride is pregnant, no parental consent is required in Georgia, if you submit a statement from a Georgia licensed physician certifying that the bride is pregnant. If underage applican... Read More »