How to Have Steez (for Girls)?

Answer You ever see those girls that carry themselves with confidence and are just the coolest people ever? Here's how you can be one. It's simple.

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Girls: Do you ever have a moment where you have no one to fan girl with?

i only have one other friend who is a Belieber and i get all my fan girling out when im with her. haha i hope you find someone :)

Teenage girls: if you could have anything in your room, what would you have?

The second answerer edited her answer from 'something to suck on'.* Nope, it was definitely you.

You have six children (3 girls and 3 boys) and you have to name them using these names?

Not following my rule of naming kids names that have v's in them all of this time.Ivy Amelia- That is my daughters name! I kind of have to put it down. Violet Jane- This name may be one of my twins... Read More »

Girls: Do you ever have that momment where you have no one to fangirl about something with?

Everyday. Hahah. This is my life now. But even though my friends don't like them I still fangirl whenever I see something. Well most of the time. Some "friends" make fun of me and its annoying. But... Read More »