How to Have Sexy Toes And Soft Feet?

Answer Sexy toes and soft feet are not only to show off in spring and summer.Maintaining soft feet requires some TLC (tender loving care)all year round.No need for expensive pedicures when all the ingredi... Read More »

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How to Get Your Toes to Look Sexy?

Groomed, polished toenails can make you look cute and stylish. If you favor open toed shoes or sandals, people will notice your toes. Taking care of the feet in general is vital to keeping them hea... Read More »

How to Get Big, Soft, and Sexy Curls?

Big, soft and sexy curls inspired by Hilary DuffDo you want a new hairstyle? Do you want big, soft, curls? Well like Hilary Duff, you can have beautiful, and sexy hairstyles to change up your look!

How many toes does a tyrannosaurus have on each of its front feet?

Tyrannosaurus rex was a bipedal carnivore. The dinosaur walked on its two back legs, which each had three toes per foot. Its front legs had two toes on each foot.References:Planet Din... Read More »

How to Cure Numbness in Your Feet & Toes?

Numbness in your feet and toes can be caused by many different conditions and is often accompanied by a tingling feeling. Numbness can be as uncomplicated as your foot going to sleep or as serious ... Read More »