How to Have Scene Hair Without Bangs?

Answer Sometimes, bangs just don't look good on some faces, or maybe, you just don't have the time in the morning to get them looking perfect. If this happens to you, read this article to find the solution.

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How to Cut Your Hair Into Scene Bangs?

The "Scene" style, which is an alternative style widespread in popularity, and also commonly referred to as "Emo" style, is characterized by dark makeup, tight clothing and in particular dark, stra... Read More »

How to Dye Scene Bangs?

Scene-style bangs, or "fringe" are commonly long, covering one or both eyes, and either black or bright colored. Red, blue and purple are typical colors for scene hair. Often, scene bangs are black... Read More »

How to cut emo/ scene bangs?

The easiest way to do it at home would probably be using a razor.……

How to Make Scene Bangs?

Scene refers to an alternative fashion style. It is typically considered an evolution from the emo style, which features heavy makeup, unusual hair colors, and an emotional outlook which gave the ... Read More »