How to Have Scene Hair?

Answer "Scene hair" is a particular type of hairstyle worn by those in the emo clique, both by boys and girls. Scene hair tends to be very voluminous and dramatically dyed. Each scene hair style varies fr... Read More »

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"Scene" Hair pictures/ hair color ideas (10 Points!)? Read More »

How to Layer Hair in a Scene Hair Cut?

“Scene” hair is a style of haircut that involves short, choppy layers paired with long locks. Scene hair is often compared to “emo” hair, which has a similar look. One of the perks of layer... Read More »

How to Do Scene Hair with Medium Hair?

Scene, or emo, hair is used to make a statement about the wearer and is, therefore, full of volume and texture. Often in different colors such as bright pink or electric blue, scene hair is big and... Read More »

How to do scene hair with thick hair?

thin thin thin itstraighten it when it's completely dry others wise ~ nasty trust metry sunsilk therma shine shampoo and conditioneror herbal es. hello hydration **personal fav**they really seem to... Read More »