How to Have Real Self Confidence?

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I want more confidence......?

Let us start from the top. Confidence can be attained if you strengthen your self-esteem. To strengthen your self-esteem you need to change your attitude.But here are some well written steps to do ... Read More »

Do you have 0 confidence in yourself?

lol, I just asked a Q in this section!and no, i'm pretty confident. or at least, I act like I am.

How to Hug with Confidence?

Everyone likes to get a hug, but sometimes you're a little too nervous to hug someone. Hugging can be different from time to time, just like kissing. Unlike kissing, hugging is something special fo... Read More »

How can i have better self confidence in myself ?

Ashley - I think this is a BIG problem for a lot of girls. It is hard to feel your best when you are NOT feeling your best! :) I know you don't what to be judged by your appearance so remember wh... Read More »