How to Have Psychic Protection?

Answer Psychic protection is vital for anyone wishing to do psychic readings or channel spirit via cards, Ouija board or trance/physical mediumship.Without psychic protection the person can leave themselv... Read More »

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How to Have Psychic Dreams?

Not everyone will be able to have psychic dreams, only those who are gifted (or cursed depending on how you look at it).

Did the old doctors in Doctor Who have psychic paper?

Only time it was seen before the ninth Doctor. Was the seventh Doctor. Sylvester McCoy. He used it in the episode 'Battlefield'. If you watch the episode, and wanto look for it. It is when he ent... Read More »

What virus protection do you have?

Do ex governors have secret service protection?

Daam! ! ! Bill S. I had to answer this,the probably have protection for Life.Didn't ehy change a new Bill for the President,it use to be for Lofe now its ten years unless some other plan extends th... Read More »