How to Have Pluralist Views As a Christian?

Answer You have either been raised or converted to a form of Christianity. You have dearest feelings and respect for friends of other faiths and cannot accept the idea of them going to hell. You know that... Read More »

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How to Develop a Pluralist Perspective in the Classroom?

The concept of pluralism -- the idea that people of different races, religions, gender orientation, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds can coexist in harmony -- is not a value that should be ta... Read More »

What does pluralist perspective mean?

Pluralistic perspective is the belief in political science that power should be spread out among all economic and ideological groups. This perspective holds that no single elite group should hold a... Read More »

Does youtube pays you if your videos have lots of views and you have lots of subscribers?

Yes they do actually, but you have to be a part of the Youtube Partnership Program: few examples of people on youtube that a part of the youtube partnership program... Read More »

Why do new videos always have 301 views but 2000+ likes?

Youtube takes time to update. This freezes the number of views counter at 301 (Or a similar number) but people can still watch it, comment and like it. Hope I Could Help :)