How to Have Old Fashioned Morals As a Teen?

Answer We all know our morals can be easily destroyed by temptation and ignorance, but we have to hold strong! Especially during teen years, it's easy to forget about old beliefs and whatnot. Here's how t... Read More »

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Why do stories have morals?

Most stories don't have morals - the best ones hardly ever do. Some stories have morals because they are written by people who love to give advice. People who love to give advice are nearly always... Read More »

Why do meat eaters not have morals?

This is the most ridiculous answer to a comment i have ever seen!According to your logic cannibalism is OK.Yeah how would you feel.You have no right to say that, vegetarians are twice as caring as ... Read More »

How to Have Morals About Sex Yet Still Date?

In many religions, sex before marriage is wrong. But does that mean you can't date? No way.

Does eating meat mean you have no morals?

She's entitled to her opinion and if she finds your dead pig sandwich offensive, she has a right to make that known to you.I expect she didn't want little bits of dead pig spluttered all over her n... Read More »