How to Have More Than Two Hard Drives in a PC?

Answer We all need more space, but what if you already have two hard drives in your computer? Then what?

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Why Do External Drives Cost More Than Internal Drives?

As with most other forms of external drive, external hard drives are typically more expensive than their internal counterparts. The chief reasons behind the price difference boil down to aspects of... Read More »

How many more internal hard drives can i connect to my motherboard?

from the specs of your motherboard, i think you can connect only one more IDE or SATA drive. take a look at the specs below. you are equipped with 1 SATA and 1 IDE port on the MB. That means you ca... Read More »

Can you have 2 hard disk drives?

My computer appears to have two hard-drives!?

You have 2 partitions , not 2 hard drives. Search google for partition if you want to know how to delete, modify it