How to Have More Than One Wireless Adapter?

Answer Laptop manufacturers include wireless adapters on most of their machines by default. This is a convenience for shoppers because the computer is Internet-capable right out of the box. However, the w... Read More »

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I have a cisco wireless router hooked into a Verizon dsl. If I go wireless I need a adapter and a ethernet to usb dongle. Or run 50' of ethernet cable. Would it connect with a 1-2 splitter?

Do you have to have the 360 Wireless adapter to have Wireless Live?

No. A direct connection between an Xbox 360 and a cable/DSL modem, along with a connection from the modem to an Xbox Live compatible wireless router, will produce the same wireless effect without t... Read More »

Can you use more than one computer with wireless Internet?

You can connect more than one computer to a wireless network. Limitations can be set in the router itself through a MAC address filter, but if that is not configured and you know the SSID and netwo... Read More »

Can more than one iPhone be connected to an epson wireless printer?

If it is networked, I do not see any reason that you can not connect to it...