How to Have More Mother Daughter Special Times?

Answer If you are only having mother-daughter special times yearly, it is time to shape up and have them more regularly! Get out your mother's phone number, dial her up and ask her to come and share speci... Read More »

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What will happen if a mother continues to be in contempt of court because she doesn't want the father to see his daughter after keeping her away for more than 9 years?

Answer The father can petition the court where the custody order was mandated or the state in which the mother lives to have his visitation rights enforced. If the mother continues to oppose an ord... Read More »

What special needs does Katherine Heigl daughter have?

Her daughter was born with a hole in her heart. She has since had an operation to fix her heart.

Does a mother have to testify against her daughter in a child custody suit in FL?

If the daughter's ex husband is suing her for full custody and his attorney has subpoenaed her mother as a witness in the case, she has to tell the truth to any and all questions asked, regardless ... Read More »

Do daughter cells have the same number and types of chromosomes as the mother cell in meiosis?