How to Have Lots of Fun on Long Bus Rides?

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Just curious, what turns a guy on more, a girl who rides on the back or rides her own bike?

I like the feeling of having my darling wife on the back however, by her own admission, she gets all fired up after going for a ride on her own bike. So I get her to ride when I can :)

How to Pick Video Games for Long Car Rides?

For those who have trouble deciding what video games to take on a long trip aka a 4 hour or 3 hour car ride or a very long plane ride, this is the article for you.

How long do the rides last in Universal Studios Hollywood?

The rides at Universal Studios Hollywood vary in length. The shortest ride--The Revenge of the Mummy--lasts about 3 minutes. The longest ride--The Back Lot Tour--takes about 45 minutes. Most rides ... Read More »

Can lots and lots of milky discharge when you go pee 2 weeks before your period is due be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerdischarge could be a symptom of an early pregnancy, because of your mucus plug beginning to form. Some of this mucus-like discharge could drain. However; the discharge you are experiencing ma... Read More »