How to Have Healthy Split End Free Hair?

Answer Constantly blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair leads to hair that is damaged with split ends. Split ends can move upward and break off, leading to hair that is thin and prone to break... Read More »

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Do shampoos make your hair healthy, or just "look" healthy?

It actually does make your hair healthy and look healthy. Like for me, i had damaged dry frizzy hair and i didn't really look at shampoo and conditioner good. Like i didn't really care what it does... Read More »

How to Split a PDF File for Free?

PDF stands for "portable document format." It is a file type developed by Adobe, and it is only readable using Adobe Acrobat software. PDFs are used to send recipients documents that cannot have th... Read More »

I haqve two free slots for ram and i want an extra 1gb is it better to just by one stick of 1gb or to split it?

hi mate i normally go for the cheapest route,so if it works out cheaper to buy 2 512mb memory modules then buy this way however buying 2 modules will mean you use up all your slots... Read More »

Why do you get split ends in your hair?

Hair, technically speaking, is dead matter. We can only cosmetically maintain and enhance it. Therefore, anything that stresses or dries the strands can cause the stands to split at the end. Any pr... Read More »