How to Have Good Looking Knees?

Answer If you plan to spend any time in shorts or a bathing suit, you might want to inspect your knees. Many times, people overlook this area of the body. Dry skin and dirt can cause your knees to look le... Read More »

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Is weightlifting good or bad for your knees?

When there is a weakness in the knees you'll have to be really careful, as you're finding out, the wrong exercise can make them worse, and it looks as if you still want to play basketball. I would... Read More »

Is Baking Soda Good for Cleaning Your Knees & Elbows?

Baking soda is commonly used for baking and cooking purposes. This white crystalline powder is highly versatile and has been used for many other purposes. It can deodorize, freshen, clean and even ... Read More »

How can I fix my knees?

Why do my knees go in?

Genetics? From wearing thongs/flip-flops? From not walking properly? From having a straight posture? No idea, to be honest - I have the same problem. My mum says that I will grow out of it, all my ... Read More »