How to Have Good Girl Pre Teen or Teen Advice About Guys?

Answer Do you want to ask your crush the big question? Well, here are some tips to help you.

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How to Treat a Girl (Teen Guys)?

Some teen guys treat girls horribly. Girls talk to their guy friends and girl friends about you if you treat them badly, or do something they don't like. Do not be that bad guy! One misstep can lea... Read More »

Teen guys: what makes a girl hot?

I LOVE brunettes or even black haired girls who have big blue or green eyes. Not blondes, only some, but if any brunette has green or blue eyes and also nice plump lips then i would fancy them.

How to Redo a First Impression if You Mess Up with a Girl (Teen Guys)?

You not all of us have good first impressions. If you screw up a bunch, its a bit hard to turn back time, but there might be a way to get the girl to see you the way you wanted her to see you.Just ... Read More »

Teen guys.. Is it a turn off when a girl looks like a complete idiot in gym class?

Probably when the girl does it on purpose, but in your case, no.