How to Have Good Financial Manners (for Teens)?

Answer What should you do in a restaurant, at the mall, or on a trip? Here are a few hints on how to be a good guest, a good date and a good friend, when it comes to money.Sometimes you will find yourself... Read More »

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How to Have Good Manners?

Good manners, or behaving in a way that's socially acceptable and respectful, display respect, care, and consideration for others. Excellent manners can help you to have better relationships with p... Read More »

How to Have Good Manners (Girls)?

You're getting older. You're going to new places and doing new things. You have more independence and more responsibility, too. Suddenly everybody expects you to act more like an adult and less lik... Read More »

How to Have Good Concert Manners?

There is nothing more fun than a live gig or concert. The energy of the crowd and the musicians swallows you up, and you leave your inhibitions at the door. One thing that should not be forgotten i... Read More »

What is a good GPA to have to become a financial adviser?

A good GPA to have to become a financial adviser is a 2.5 to 4.0, from a B to an A. However, the GPA is not the only factor that determines admission to business school, or the employment of a fina... Read More »