How to Have Good Breath?

Answer Sometimes having good breath is easier on some days than others. What's important is if you're interacting with other people, you don't want them to be afraid of your breath. It can take more than ... Read More »

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I need a bad breath/ Halitosis CURE! I have good Oral Routine?

First you should get a dental check up to make sure you dont have cavities or gum disease (if so you should care for that first and see if your halitosis continues. Then you must make sure that the... Read More »

How to Get Good Breath?

Do you want a breath that have a good and fresh smell? It's not that hard to obtain, you just have to be well-informed. This article will help you to attain that wish! Note that this article will n... Read More »

Do i have a chest infection i have a sore throat i keep coughing up this green stuff i have a very chesty cough and my nose is blocked which makes it hard to breath.?

Is baking soda good for bad breath?

Baking soda is good for bad breath but tastes terrible. If you don't want to brush your teeth with plain baking soda, try using a mint-flavored toothpaste that also contains baking soda.References:... Read More »